What To Do When Your To-Do List Is 10 Pages Long

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Are You Ready To Move Forward, Faster?

I have opened up spots on my calendar which are designed for you and I to touch base, to get to know each other a little better and to really look at where you are now, where you want to be and then we’ll make a plan together for how to get you there.

Follow the link below if you’d like us to get together and to brainstorm the best approach for you to move forward with confidence with winning more work, generating more revenue from your client relationships, building a high performing team around you, leading with confidence as well as hitting your goals and targets for yourself, your team and your business.



“I wish I did this program 5 years ago. It's an excellent program for leaders and business owners.  This program is for anyone who wants to step up and take their career or business to that next level.” - Chris Waite


“I'm excited about the opportunity to focus on and do what I love in my business.  I have such a deeper understanding of myself, my personality and my strengths to help me run my business successfully.” - Lorna Lockhart

“During my time working with Josh, I have generated some very good leads. I have secured a contract that gives me recurring revenue for the next 12 months.” - Andrew Mitchell


"Over the course of my time working with Josh, I have been able to bring a potential project pipeline of $20 million worth of pursuits to the table. Josh has helped me develop a strong sense of self-awareness and a deeper level of understanding of what drives my thoughts and my behaviour. " - Brad Gaston

"I have gained a much better understanding of myself, my personality type and strengths and how to lead my team much more effectively. By learning to lead my team differently through utilising an understanding of the different personality styles - this has helped my team grow and become stronger." - Brad Wood


"The benefit to GHD in having our leadership team coached by Josh has been quite large. It has allowed our leaders to uncover and understand more about themselves which ultimately benefits them, their clients and GHD." - Peter Hain