Client Case Studies

Bianca Lowe

“I've been able to increase my revenue by 15% and work the same number of hours.”




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Andrew Gall

“One of the big things I've implemented from the program is creating high value time for myself that will enable me to focus on the bigger picture strategies for my business.”

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Dan Keogh

“The biggest win has been removing the generalist mindset and focusing on our specialist niche in the market which has allowed us to increase our revenue by 30%, improve our profit margins and do more work with great clients.”

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Chris Waite

"I wish I did this program 5 years ago. It's an excellent program for leaders and business owners. This program is for anyone who wants to step up and take their career or business to that next level."

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Anthea Antonio

 "I have more than covered my investment in the program and am now contributing to generating new business in new areas. I would highly recommend the program on all fronts. It's practical, cost effective and hugely enjoyable."

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Andrew Mitchell

"During my time working with Josh, I have generated some very good leads. I have secured a contract that gives me recurring revenue for the next 12 months. "

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David Crowe

"I would highly recommend this program, particularly if you are in a BD or client facing role. Part of the coaching that I thought was great was celebrating the rewards for taking those little steps. They may seem little but over time they add up to big things."

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Mathilde SIMON

"I loved the Elite Positioning training as I now understand the value we bring to our clients world."

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Brad Gaston

"Over the course of my time working with Josh, I have been able to bring a potential project pipeline of $20 million worth of pursuits to the table. Josh has helped me develop a strong sense of self-awareness and a deeper level of understanding of what drives my thoughts and my behaviour. "

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Peter Hain

"The benefit to GHD in having our leadership team coached by Josh has been quite large. I has allowed our leaders to uncover and understand more about themselves which ultimately benefits them, their clients and GHD."

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Pierre-yves Souesme

"We now have a much better understanding of our clients world and how to address their needs."

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Brad Wood

"I have gained a much better understanding of myself, my personality type and strengths and how to lead my team much more effectively. By learning to lead my team differently through utilising an understanding of the different personality styles - this has helped my team grow and become stronger."

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Next Step:
Book a 15-minute Strategic Growth & Brainstorm with Josh

If you're a leader or business owner in the engineering industry and you're looking to grow - you might just be a few strategies, tactics and tools away from increasing revenue, generating more profit, developing exceptional client relationships, building a high performing team around you and getting laser focused on strategy, direction and where you REALLY want take your team, your business and your career.

15-minute Brainstorm with Josh

My promise to you...

This brainstorm is NOT a sales call. There will be no discussion around sales, money, programs or any pushy sales tactics like that.

This brainstorm is designed purely for you and I to catch up, to get to know each other a little bit better, to have a look at where you are now, where you want to be going and we'll then make a plan together for how to get you there.

In this 15-minute brainstorm, we will...

1) Uncover the #1 bottleneck that's holding you back from growing right now.
2) Develop a 3-step action plan together for how you can get results faster.
3) Look at where you are now, where you want to be going and we'll then make a plan together for how to get you there.