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Less Clients More Income

Looking for ways to generate more revenue from doing less? 


And make more profit in the process? 


I’ve just finished a coaching session with an incredible client Bill.  


The focus of our session was around building a more efficient business. 


And looking at ways to work less, but generate more revenue. 


And increase profit margins in the process. 


Sounds like utopia right??!! 


It’s definitely possible. 


Let me show you how.  


So we dived into his client base. 


He’s just analysed all his clients over the past 5 years. 


Of the 110 clients he’s worked with - 80% of his revenue has come from just 35 clients. 


The other 20% in revenue has come from the remaining 75 clients. 


Pretty interesting stats right? 


I’d say your business would look something similar. 


So we made a...

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The Single Biggest Revenue Generator

If you’re looking to grow, but you’re not doing this one thing… 


…then you’re stalling your businesses growth potential.  


The single best way to maintain and grow revenue - is to nurture your existing client relationships. 


It’s so logical.  


They already know you and your team. 


You’re already working with them. 


You’ve already gotten over the know / like / trust barrier.  


There’s typically multiple opportunities to get extra work on their existing projects. 


Or to start working on the next project for them. 


So when I ask business owners about nurturing existing client relationships, they usually respond with: 


“Oh yeah - we do that”. 


But how well, really, do you nurture your key client relationships? 


Hint: doing well on their projects is only the...

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Looking To Increase Revenue?

Are you looking to grow your business & increase your revenue over the next 12 months? 


If yes, you might only be a few strategies away from making it happen.  


It is possible to build your business and your revenue in a consistent & confident manner.  


But it's important to know you're taking action in the right places.  


So if you are looking to grow, then our upcoming workshop might be of interest.  


I'm running a 90min online workshop for 10 x consultancy business owners on the 7th of August. 


In this workshop I'll be walking you through the 3 x core strategies to help you add $500K+ in revenue into your business in the next 12 months. 


Link to register here >> 



In 2023, our Boardroom members grew their businesses, on average, by 46%. 


They added a collective additional $2,507,233 into their...

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A Focus On Revenue

I hope you’re having a great start to your week. 


I’m currently having an espresso in the park out of my favourite red espresso cup. 


My family think I’m weird - I take this cup wherever I go.  


It’s school holidays and I’m spending the day with our kids and some of their friends.  


Indoor trampoline play centre, park action, then home for a movie.  


Pretty fun day really.  


The weather is spectacular as well.  


Incredible winters day. Sun, blue sky, crisp air. 


So now that you’re all caught up on personal front. 


A quick update on the types of emails and trainings you can expect landing in your inbox this month. 


This month - we’re going to focusing in on revenue. 


We’re going to be looking at the different ways to increase your revenue. 


And the different strategies...

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Download - How To Make More Profit On Your Projects

Profit is the lifeblood of any business.  


As a consulting business – you shouldn’t be settling for anything less than 30% net profit.  


And if you want to make more profit in your business – focus on this one area… 


…focus on project delivery.  


Which is why I created a full project delivery checklist.  


That helps you deliver incredible projects – every, single, time.  


This is a complete, step by step, project delivery process.  


That ensures you set your projects up for success. 


And you deliver incredible projects for your clients - every time.  


And I'm giving away this checklist - for free.  


Follow this link to download now >> 



In this checklist you'll find a complete process for: 


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How To Improve Team Efficiencies


Is your revenue OK, but profit margins suck? 


Can’t work out why there’s no money left over each month? 


It’s probably your team’s efficiencies. 


Team are great.  


They’re the only way you’re going to grow. 


They’re the only way you’re going to take on bigger and better clients. 


But if they’re not performing - it’s the quickest way to bankruptcy. 


A poor performing team can very quickly chew through any cash reserves. 


A poor performing team will happily rack up hours against projects that don’t have the budget. 


If profit is low - team performance is the first thing I look at. 


The good news is - it’s also really easy to fix. 


Poor team performance is a lack of structure and direction. 


Think of leading your team like 10 pin bowling… 



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This Month On The Podcast

I hope you’re having a great week. 


Here we are in the new financial year! 


In case you missed it, here’s what we covered on the podcast over the last month: 


How To Build A High Performing Team Culture 


In this episode we explore: 

 - The steps to building a high-performance team.  

 - How to run a structured performance review process that gets your staff energised. 

 - How to lead your team in a way that motivates them to stay, grow and achieve more. 


Follow the links below to check out this episode: 


Click here for the podcast episode. 


Click here to watch the video. 




The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Bringing In Shareholders 


In this episode we explore: 

 - How shareholders can help you grow exponentially.  

 - How to identify who is the right shareholder for your...

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2 Things Every Business Owner Should Do

When it comes to growing your business - are you all in? 


When it comes to building a life that you TRULY want - are you all in? 


Or is this a ‘sometimes’ and ‘when you feel like it’ kinda situation? 


There are only 2 x things that will help you build the life you want - Effort & Consistency . 


Now I’m not talking about waking up at 4am, being ‘hardcore’ and working 60 - 80hr weeks. 


I’m not about that at all.  


In fact - I’d rather you work less because you’ve built a really sustainable business. 


A business that support you having more time. 


More time for the things that are most important to you. 


I’m talking about the level of commitment you have to building this life? 


I’m talking about the level of commitment you have to building a really successful business. 



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Cheaper Fees Won’t Build The Business You Want

I can’t stand the race to the bottom. 


It actually angers me that there are clients out there that ask you to cut your fees. 


That barter you off against other consultants. 


Just so they can save a few thousand bucks. 


But as an industry - we allow this. 


We have given in to the race to the bottom concept. 


Just so we can win a project or secure a forward pipeline. 


But what’s the point if you’re making no profit margin? 


Cheaper fee projects actually put more stress on your business. 


More stress on your team.  


And more pressure on you to keep delivering work for these cheaper fees. 


Cheaper fee clients are also typically more needy and suck up your time. 


They take you away from being able to focus on higher value clients and higher value projects. 


So I ask you - what’s the point? 



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How we helped Steven 3X his revenue

I was chatting with Steven recently and he’s just let me know…  

“I’m pretty stoked my revenue increased over 300% for the year”. 


“I’m expecting my revenue to double for the new year”. 

How good is that! 


From being reactive and having no time capitalising on key opportunities and growing the business. 


When I met Steven he: 

Didn’t have the time to think about the longer term future of the business. 

Was working with not so great clients. 

Had been stuck in the same business position for the past three years. 


So we got to work. 


Together we worked on: 

Raising his prices and increasing his fees. 

Focusing on better clients with bigger fees. 

Building the team to support him growing. 


And now...  

He’s celebrating a 3X in revenue from this time last year. 


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