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New Year Focus

There’s something about starting a new year that gets every business owner or team member excited. Because we see it as a new chapter with a whole host of opportunities to grow and improve.

However, before you dive headfirst into the new year - it’s super important to reflect on what the past year has brought, and how each of those things has affected your business and you as a person.

Let’s not kid ourselves, being unhappy with how certain things played out in your business last year, or what kind of clients you were dealing with, or frustrating projects you were working on can take its toll on our motivation and performance as we build into the new year. 

I don’t want that for you this year. I want you to start the new year fresh and excited – with the frustrations of last year learnt from and left behind. 

So, let’s do this together now. Go on… take out a pen and paper, or open a doc if you’re the techy type, and create a...

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The Next Step

There is one word that I can't stand - HUSTLE......

It seems to have become a massive buzz word in the world of leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.

I firmly believe that if you set your team and your business up smartly and you have the right systems and processes in place - then you don't need to hustle. Your team is performing well, your clients love you and the work you do for them and your project pipeline is full.

But today I'm going to break my rule and talk about one area that does require an amount of hustle....

...and that is in the follow up!!

Most people think that a potential client will either love them or hate them after one coffee meeting. They think they'll either get work out of them straight away or it wasn’t meant to be.

But that’s absolute nonsense.

If you're a stats person (which most engineers are!) then the latest stats are that a new client will need on average 8 touch points from you before they will make a purchasing decision with...

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The Big Business Development Opportunity

There is the perception that business development and finding and connecting with your ideal future clients is really hard at the moment.

Most leaders and business owners in our industry are used to the old way of doing things in this space.

You know... register for an event, get a copy of the attendees list, find the names of the potential future clients you would like to 'bump' in to, attend the event, only talk to half the people you wanted to because you got distracted talking with colleagues or friends or people you already know, hand out a bunch of business cards and come away from the event feeling kind of good about yourself but actually knowing that you didn’t really make the most of that opportunity and didn’t really make any solid progress on developing new relationships.

Sound familiar?

What if I told you there was an easier way in general to find, connect with and then build meaningful relationships with your ideal future clients?

The answer is online. The...

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Consistency Matters

Well here we go - we're into the run into Christmas! What a year!

What I notice at this time of the year is that leaders and business owners start to get complacent and take their foot off the pedal.

It’s been a hard and full on year - I know. But if you want to finish this year strong AND set the start of your 2023 up right - then you have to keep going.

This is where consistency matters.

It’s the little things you do every day that really matter and allow you to build momentum - and momentum generates results!

Watch and listen for those little voices in your head that tell you things like:

  • “It's been a hard year - just take the rest of the year slowly.”
  • “Don't worry about following up that client / proposal / opportunity - leave it until the new year.”
  • “I can't be bothered having that hard conversation with a team member or client - I'm tired and don't want the angst.”

Use your calendar to your advantage here. This way you are...

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Winning Work CAN Be Easy


So many engineering leaders and business owners groan when you talk to them about winning work.

"It's really hard"

"It takes a lot of effort and most of the time doesn't pay off"

"Most of the potential customers I talk to already have their preferred engineer and they are just going to give the work to them regardless of what I say or do"....

...and this is absolutely true if you're approaching BD and winning work like everyone else - unfocused networking, boozy lunches, fighting for work based on being the cheapest etc. etc.

Today I want to talk to you about a strategy that has been absolutely amazing for my clients: Authority marketing.

Authority marketing is where you are actively and consciously positioning yourself, your team and your business as a thought leader and a market leader in your chosen field.

You are constantly producing articles, marketing material, content for LinkedIn and other platforms as well as your email database where you are talking about your specific...

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Your 80 / 20 Rule

Today I want to explore with you a super interesting concept that I’ve been playing around with in my own life and in my own business.

It’s called the 80 / 20 rule for getting ‘stuff’ done.

This concept is all about being conscious, being intentional and accessing the appropriate energy and emotions within yourself to get done what you need to get done.

Let me explain.

You see most of us go about our days and our weeks not been hugely intentional with the energy, the state and the emotions that we’re in in order to get things done. Most of us stay in fairly comfortable emotions and a fairly comfortable state of being, acting, operating and behaving. We like being this way because it’s familiar to us.

And most of us, if we really analyse the energy and the emotions that we operate out of every day - it’s one of being nice to others, it’s one of been quite laid-back, it’s one of not wanting to do things that rock the boat and being...

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The Real Reason You Procrastinate

Procrastination is single-handedly the biggest productivity and goal achieving killer.

Do you find yourself regularly doing things that you KNOW aren’t really that important?

Do you even catch yourself, acknowledge what you're doing isn’t that important - but keep doing it anyway??!!

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself:

 "I know this isn't that important - so why am I doing it?"

 "What's the REAL reason I'm procrastinating here?"

This week I explored with my clients on our coaching call the real and underlying reasons why you ACTUALLY procrastinate.

Think about it for yourself - what do you do when you're procrastinating?

Some of the answers from my clients on the coaching call to this question:

  • Eating / snacking.
  • Getting another coffee.
  • Mindlessly responding to or cleaning up emails.
  • Talking to colleagues about things that just aren’t important.
  • Surfing!!

Then we got to the heart of what is REALLY going on when I asked WHY?

Some of the...

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The 3 Ones

Today I want to talk to you about a training concept that I've just talked to all of my Boardroom clients about, which is the 3 ones.

For those of you who don't know, Boardroom is my training program where I work purely with business owners of engineering consultancies. So a real niche group of amazing clients who are making incredible things happen in their businesses.

This training concept of the 3 ones is really simple and I honestly think that leaders & business owners complicate things when it comes to building their team or business. The 3 ones is essentially this – 1 Client + 1 Connection System + 1 Problem that you solve.

So to expand on this…you only need one ideal client, not four, not five – just one. You have one client where you know their world intimately in terms of all their pain points, all of their frustration points, and you know all the things that you can do to help solve their problems.

One ideal client where you’re really clear on...

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How To Get Better At Strategic Leadership

So many of us know that as leaders and business owners, we need to be more strategic with our days, weeks, months and years.
We know we need to spend more time on big picture thinking, thinking about where our market is going, thinking about how to solve our clients’ problems in a new and unique way, thinking about and forward planning for the pipeline of work coming in the door and making sure the team and the people around us are performing to the best of their ability.
So why do so many of us find it difficult or get uncomfortable when we think about or even go to take some time out of our weeks to stop and think creatively and strategically?
The answer lies in the conflict in your mind between the different parts of your personality.
Let me explain.
You see, you have different parts of your personality that want different things for you.
You have a driver / achiever part of your personality that only ever wants you to be actioning things,...

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Who Are You Doing This All For?

I hope you are super well and are having an amazing start to your week.

I've just finished a live coaching call with everyone in my Boardroom program. Today was a clarity call, so helping all of my clients in the program get unstuck, move past roadblocks and clear the way to make good quality strategic decisions.

It was a really powerful call, and my main takeaway was really that no matter what is going on in your world – good, bad or coasting - there are always going to be challenging and difficult things to do. 

Growth is hard. Consolidation is hard. Winning work is hard. Losing clients is hard. Hiring is hard. Firing is hard. 

There are always going to be things that we have to do that are uncomfortable.

And this is some of the advice that I gave everyone on the call today – when things get hard or difficult or challenging - it's so important to come back to your why. 

Who am I doing this all for?

When you have a hard decision to make. When you've got...

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