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Boost Team Performance


Team performance is something that is crucial for every company. When your team are able, willing and inspired to go above and beyond on projects, the benefits are immense. 

The work that your staff do is not just about ticking off tasks from their to-do lists. It’s about creating positive client relationships who are happy with the project outcome and keep giving you good quality, repeat work that you can build a solid pipeline with.   

That’s why it’s important to make sure that your team does an outstanding job, every time, on every project instead of just a satisfactory one.

But how?

Give them CONTEXT.

Let me explain. 

When you stop, slow down and take the time to explain the significance of each step in the process of a project, your team member will understand the consequences of either doing the task well or doing it poorly. 

By doing so, you’re actually giving each step in the process (or project) an equal portion of significance because you understand that when done properly, each step contributes to the next one.

That is what your employees need to realise too. And it’s up to you to show them. 

They should know that even seemingly unimportant tasks all lead to a project well done. It’s a chain reaction. One thing leads to another. 

Another very important thing to bear in mind is that you need to make it crystal clear that team performance affects all areas of your business - clients, project outcomes, profit margins, etc.

Your team members should be aware of this. If they want to be part of a prosperous company that can enable a good work environment, a great salary, and bonuses, these things should matter to them as well.

Be there to remind them. When they know the importance of what they're working on, they'll work harder and more diligently.

So, set clear expectations and provide the needed context to drive team performance. If your team don't have context, they won't go the extra mile. 

Feedback and effort recognition should be part of your arsenal, too. Constructive feedback that you provide as a leader works as a motivating force because when paired with acknowledging a worker’s effort, it can do wonders.

So take the time to provide the context and implications of each action & each step in the process to your team members, & it will serve to strengthen the team. This process will ensure you’re always creating a team environment that encourages everyone to perform at their best and always deliver.

This one strategic measure can help you build and create a high-performing team, and that will consistently yield exceptional results.

If you’d like to learn more, please take a look at my most recent podcast episode on this exact topic:

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Josh ‘Team Performer’ Stone


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