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Less Clients More Income

Looking for ways to generate more revenue from doing less? 


And make more profit in the process? 


I’ve just finished a coaching session with an incredible client Bill.  


The focus of our session was around building a more efficient business. 


And looking at ways to work less, but generate more revenue. 


And increase profit margins in the process. 


Sounds like utopia right??!! 


It’s definitely possible. 


Let me show you how.  


So we dived into his client base. 


He’s just analysed all his clients over the past 5 years. 


Of the 110 clients he’s worked with - 80% of his revenue has come from just 35 clients. 


The other 20% in revenue has come from the remaining 75 clients. 


Pretty interesting stats right? 


I’d say your business would look something similar. 


So we made a...

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The Single Biggest Revenue Generator

If you’re looking to grow, but you’re not doing this one thing… 


…then you’re stalling your businesses growth potential.  


The single best way to maintain and grow revenue - is to nurture your existing client relationships. 


It’s so logical.  


They already know you and your team. 


You’re already working with them. 


You’ve already gotten over the know / like / trust barrier.  


There’s typically multiple opportunities to get extra work on their existing projects. 


Or to start working on the next project for them. 


So when I ask business owners about nurturing existing client relationships, they usually respond with: 


“Oh yeah - we do that”. 


But how well, really, do you nurture your key client relationships? 


Hint: doing well on their projects is only the...

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Looking To Increase Revenue?

Are you looking to grow your business & increase your revenue over the next 12 months? 


If yes, you might only be a few strategies away from making it happen.  


It is possible to build your business and your revenue in a consistent & confident manner.  


But it's important to know you're taking action in the right places.  


So if you are looking to grow, then our upcoming workshop might be of interest.  


I'm running a 90min online workshop for 10 x consultancy business owners on the 7th of August. 


In this workshop I'll be walking you through the 3 x core strategies to help you add $500K+ in revenue into your business in the next 12 months. 


Link to register here >> 



In 2023, our Boardroom members grew their businesses, on average, by 46%. 


They added a collective additional $2,507,233 into their...

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Giveaway - The $1.2M LinkedIn Strategy

I’ve created a simple document that outlines the 3 core strategies that have led to our Boardroom clients adding an additional $1.2M in revenue into their businesses using LinkedIn - and it’s yours for free. 


Send me an email at [email protected] with “LINKEDIN DOC PLEASE” and I’ll send it across. 

I’ve worked with over 100 consultancy business owners, and in 2023 the average increase in revenue for our Boardroom members was 46%. 

LinkedIn and using it correctly has been a massive part of that revenue growth for our clients. 


I’ve pulled together the 3 x core strategies that have driven the most revenue growth into our clients businesses using LinkedIn. 

And I’m giving away the whole process and strategies, for FREE. 


These strategies include: 

Positioning – how to position yourself strongly on LinkedIn, stand out and away from your competitors and have your ideal...

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Choose The Right Clients

The clients you work with can make or break your business.

It's a bit like walking on a tightrope – get it right, and everything falls into place; get it wrong, and it's a mess.

Picking the right clients is like unlocking the door to great revenue, happy teams, and projects that light you up. On the flip side, picking the wrong ones can mean less profit, a frustrated team, and a foggy business path ahead.

Right now, there's plenty of work on in our industry. It's an excellent opportunity for us to be a bit choosy about who we work with, a luxury we don't always have. 

It's also important to recognise that some of your current clients, though good in the past, might not be the right fit for where you're headed in business. 

Choosing the right clients is a process, not a snap decision. You can't just drop everyone and start afresh, especially when there's work on the table.

It's more like a game plan, a slow shift toward clients that match where you see your business...

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Using LinkedIn To Build Your Business

Today, we're delving into a subject that could be a game-changer for your business: the untapped potential of LinkedIn. Many of us have overlooked the incredible benefits of having a consistent presence on this platform, and I want to shed some light on the opportunities this platform presents to help you grow your business. 

As an industry, we've been accustomed to traditional business development methods like networking events, industry gatherings, and tender panels. Don't get me wrong; these methods still have their place. But LinkedIn is such a powerhouse and it’s so underutilised.

I want us to reframe the way we think about business development & how we’re spending our time. We're willing to invest hours attending networking events, where we may or may not connect with ideal clients or generate any leads or opportunities at all. Why not invest those same hours into mastering LinkedIn, a platform with the potential to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of...

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How to Win More Work

Today, let's dive into a topic that's a cornerstone of your business growth: winning more work. 

Fresh off a training with our incredible Boardroom coaching program clients, I want to unpack the process of confidently securing more projects and boosting your project pipeline.

You know that feeling when your business is soaring, projects are flowing in and you feel incredibly confident with your forecast project pipeline – it feels great, right? And then, bam, you hit a quiet spell. It's like feast or famine, and it's something we've all danced with.

Today I want to explore with you a way to make these peaks and troughs a thing of the past – and it starts with having a plan.

Imagine if your business development strategy wasn't just a series of notes you kept in your head, but a well-oiled machine. And as your business grows and gets busier, your BD strategies don't get lost or left behind. That's the magic we explored in our recent Boardroom training, and it's called...

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Do BD Incentives Work?

Business Development (BD) is a critical part of your strategy for growing your business and reaching new revenue levels. BD is all about creating and then converting opportunities.

But the question is, if you have people on your team with a BD component to their role - how do you incentivise them to perform better, and also, what’s the best way to remunerate them?

If you’re thinking about offering them an incentive based remuneration model, I want you to think through the whole process first and consider the pros & cons – before you offer this to them.

There are always upsides and downsides to every incentive based remuneration model, so finding the best model for incentivising your BD team is crucial. It can prevent issues and challenges down the track and more importantly prevent poor culture & loss of staff (worst case).

The main model that most would be familiar with is rewarding your BD person or team with a certain percentage of the new deals that...

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The Big Business Development Opportunity

There is the perception that business development and finding and connecting with your ideal future clients is really hard at the moment.

Most leaders and business owners in our industry are used to the old way of doing things in this space.

You know... register for an event, get a copy of the attendees list, find the names of the potential future clients you would like to 'bump' in to, attend the event, only talk to half the people you wanted to because you got distracted talking with colleagues or friends or people you already know, hand out a bunch of business cards and come away from the event feeling kind of good about yourself but actually knowing that you didn’t really make the most of that opportunity and didn’t really make any solid progress on developing new relationships.

Sound familiar?

What if I told you there was an easier way in general to find, connect with and then build meaningful relationships with your ideal future clients?

The answer is online. The...

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The 3 Ones

Today I want to talk to you about a training concept that I've just talked to all of my Boardroom clients about, which is the 3 ones.

For those of you who don't know, Boardroom is my training program where I work purely with business owners of engineering consultancies. So a real niche group of amazing clients who are making incredible things happen in their businesses.

This training concept of the 3 ones is really simple and I honestly think that leaders & business owners complicate things when it comes to building their team or business. The 3 ones is essentially this – 1 Client + 1 Connection System + 1 Problem that you solve.

So to expand on this…you only need one ideal client, not four, not five – just one. You have one client where you know their world intimately in terms of all their pain points, all of their frustration points, and you know all the things that you can do to help solve their problems.

One ideal client where you’re really clear on...

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