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Hustle & Grind Doesn’t Work

I can’t stand the hustle and grind culture. It doesn’t work and it’s detrimental to business success, relationships and our own zest for life. 

Work isn’t everything – and if we make it everything, everything else suffers.

Comparison is the thief of joy. 

When we compare ourselves to others & their success – we end up beating ourselves up. We don’t know where that other person started, what their background was, what their circumstances were, and so on. But yet, we compare ourselves to them, and we’re usually the ones trying to catch up. The result - feeling dissatisfied, and unworthy.

Remember, we all tread our own unique path in life (business, too). So, that’s why I need you to ask yourself this question:

What’s important to you?

The most common reason behind a business owners’ decisions to start their own business is to do things their own way, and to make more time for the things in life that matter...

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The Unspoken Skill Of High Performing Leaders

Becoming a high performing engineer and leader is absolutely critical to you accelerating your career, ensuring there is work for your team and ensuring that your business and the company you work for prospers. But how do you do it? How do you become a high performing engineer?

Today, I want to give you my take or my spin on how you can start to take the action towards becoming a high performing leader and engineer.









Hi everyone, Josh here.

In today's video I want to explore with you how you can start taking the action towards becoming high-performing leader and engineer in the engineering industry.

Now, high performing or high performance is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. So many people are teaching it, talking about it.

Becoming a high performing engineer and leader is absolutely critical to you accelerating your career, ensuring there is work for your team and ensuring that...

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How To Deal With Burnout & Overwhelm

Today I want to talk to you about burnout.

So many of the leaders that I'm working with in engineering businesses ands o many of my engineering coaching clients are suffering from burnout and they're really overwhelmed because they just don't know what to do. They don't how to manage themselves to deal with this overwhelm and this burnout that they're experiencing.

You might be suffering from burnout or feeling overwhelmed about your work load and all the things you have to do. So, in today's post I really want to highlight to you why you might be experiencing burnout and some things you can do to start to alleviate what you're going through.





Hello everyone, Josh here.

Today's video I want to talk to you about burnout. So many of the leaders that I'm working with in engineering businesses so many of my engineering coaching clients are suffering from burnout and they're really overwhelmed because they don't...

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The Missing Ingredient (and BS) In 'Manifesting Money'

There are so many trainings, quotes and coaches out there that repeatedly teach that your ‘thoughts create your reality’. And whilst this is somewhat true, it misses a whole component of what it takes to attract more money in.

You cannot simply think ‘I want a million dollars’ and it will fall in your lap after a month of continuous affirmations, otherwise we would all be rich.

And I have got to tell you, it frustrates me hearing it!

The only way to attract more of what you want in is thoughts + action = attraction.

And to be honest with you, it takes a tonne of clarity, insight and awareness to be able to home in on what it is that you are thinking and what it is you are doing that is counteracting your efforts in wanting more.

Here is an example of a client I have worked with, which exemplifies this so well:

  • I have had a client that started making $100k more than they were when we started. But, the more the made, it seemed like they still never had...
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Why Earning What You’re REALLY Worth Is More Important Than You Think

Making good money is awesome. When you make really good money you’re able to buy yourself and your family incredible experiences. You’re able to show your children amazing parts of the world and open their eyes to the vastness and richness the world has to offer. You’re able to dote on and pamper your loved ones (if that’s important to you). 

You’re able to choose how you want to live, how much you work (or whether you work at all) - so many more doors are open to you.

You’re also able to give back to the world and the community around you. When you go out for nice meals, you’re helping the owner of the restaurant keep their restaurant open and to keep their staff employed. When you go on overseas trips and have incredible experiences - think of all the people that you support through you spending your money.

With so many upsides and positives to being wealthy and abundant - why is money the number one pattern and issue I work with my...

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Your Self Worth Equals Your Net Worth

How many of us have had goals that are monetary? The majority of us have. Because money represents a host of different things. Security, safety, comfort, choices, freedom, leadership, moving up etc. It fuels us to move forward and create a different life.

Whether or not you agree with it, money is important to us, it makes the world go around, it is necessary.

What isn’t taught loudly or readily enough is the fact that how much you earn can a lot of the time correlate directly to how you feel about yourself, how much you believe you are worth. You will have categorised yourself into a certain bucket in life of where you believe you fit.

 Take a story of two boys. One boy grew up with an alcoholic father. Last night he saw his back door broken in and the window smashed. He goes to school not washed the next day. He sits next to a boy smiling, happy, clean, clothes ironed. Growing up he automatically deems himself as ‘second class’, he is not worth as much as...

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What's Your Money Mindset?

Are you in control of how much money you earn? 

How long and how hard have you tried to be in a new financial position without any success? 

One of the leading topics that comes through the door with almost every client we work with is money. How to earn more, be more in control, feel more satisfied and really fulfil individual wealth potential. In every case our clients have tried to get to a new financial outcome on their own but can’t seem to get there. They keep ending back at square one.

This is where we come in.

What we want to bring to your awareness right now is one aspect of money or wealth creation mindset that you can take away and really think about. Hopefully it will shed some light on WHY you are a certain way with money. Hopefully it will help you understand what causes you to take the actions that you do when it comes to money - without you even KNOWING it. 

What we want you to focus in on is what you HEARD about money as a child and the types of...

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The Greatest Salespeople Don't Always Make Good Leaders

Some of the greatest salespeople I have worked with have made terrible leaders. And the reason all comes down to their personality style. Simply put, a lot of the greatest salespeople are what we would call a ‘trailblazer’. They are incredibly motivated by results; they love achieving targets and they seem to make selling look easy.

A lot of trailblazers are inherently ‘lone wolves’. They do things on their own, they are fiercely independent, and they don’t give a fuck what people think about them.

However, this can only take them so far – because when they get to a stage in their life and their career where they look to be promoted into leadership positions, they can’t seem to succeed in the same way as they do in sales. These personality traits that got them so far in life, don’t seem to be doing the trick.

A lot of the time they can have unmotivated teams, a lack of morale, they think their team is ‘lazy, people seem to drop...

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The Benefits Of Being Vulnerable


I want to share with you an awesome story about a client who has done amazing things over the last 6 months in working on being a more vulnerable leader. 

Now, why the heck would you want to be a vulnerable leader you ask??? 

If you read my last post on the number one thing humans crave above all else - which is connection - this is a natural flow on from that post.

The business world has gone through a MASSIVE transformation in the past 10 to 15 years (and on many levels still is evolving and has a long way to go in some areas).

I remember when I first started my career and entered the workforce as a young engineer. As the time, the leaders in the company very much ruled with an iron fist and it was “their way or the highway”. On some level it felt a bit like a dictatorship and the thoughts and opinions of the fresh and even middle tier staff didn’t really matter. You just did what you were told, learnt not to offer your opinion on ways things...

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How To Get More From Your Team

You’re inspired to make big things happen right? You’ve got a big vision for your work and your career. You’re energised and motivated to get out there and make it happen. 

You mean well and I’m sure what you’re wanting to create and achieve is amazing, So why is it so hard to motivate and inspire those around you to see what you see? Why is it so hard to get your team energised and invested in getting out there and creating amazing and meaningful things? 

To be honest, sometimes it feels a bit like pushing sh!t uphill doesn’t it? 

What it boils down to is whether you have the awareness about the core motivators of your team and whether you are using this awareness to connect with your team at a deeper and more meaningful level. 

To put it frankly, buzz motivational words and phrases like “all for one and one for all” and “let’s go the extra mile” and “just put the hard work in now and reap...

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