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The Downside Of Pursuing Comfort

Do you want to step out of your comfort zone and achieve bigger things for your business and self-growth?

Do you want to be more conscious when you start to pursue things that make you comfortable?

If we are always in our comfort zone we are not growing. If you want to be at a level of success, achieve new things, set new goals you have to set the intention to do the uncomfortable. Getting out of our comfort zone is not easy but with the right determination and focus, you can achieve it.

As a business leader, you have to recognise that you and your team members are naturally wired to pursue what is comfortable. Recognising what naturally occurs to us as humans is a step towards understanding how to overcome it. 

If you want to learn more, follow the link below to watch the video. 

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Josh ‘Downside of Pursuing Comfort’ Stone

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What's Your Strategy?

Do you know what your strategy is?

Do you know what your plan is for your team and your business over the next 6, 12 and even 24 months?

We see, without a plan and without a strategy, sometimes things can feel a little bit directionless. It can feel like you’re turning up each and every day and doing whole bunch of things and activities - but are they moving you in the right direction?

It’s one of the biggest sabotages and biggest blocks I see happening with leaders and business owners in the engineering and construction industry. Whereby they just turn up every day and take action for the sake of taking action and they don't really know what they’re taking action for.

And then they finally stop and actually lift their heads up in 3 - 5 years’ time and they think to themselves - "this isn't really where I wanted to be"...

So today I want to really encourage you to pause for a second and think about where you’re going?

What does the next 6, 12 and even 24...

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Focus On Strategy & Vision

Do you find yourself constantly getting pulled down into and stuck in the day to day operations and the general running of projects? 

Would you rather be spending more time in your days and in your weeks setting and then acting on the bigger picture strategy and the bigger picture vision of where you want to take your team or business?

Unfortunately, if you’re not creating the time in your calendar to focus on strategy and vision and where you want things to be heading in the next 12, 24 & 36 months – then your team and your business will become stagnant.

Your team and your business need to know that the actions they are taking every day are part of a larger plan and a larger strategy.

They need to know that there is someone looking at the longer game and the longer term plays and steering the ship towards these outcomes.

 And that someone is – you. 

If you want to learn more, follow the link below to watch the video. 

Click Here  to...

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What's Stopping You From Delegating?

Last week I shared with you a really powerful insight from one of my clients, Phil, around changing how you view delegation.

Today I want to explore with you some of the common blocks and the common elements that hold so many good leaders and business owners back from delegating to their team and the people around them more - who quite frankly could be doing more and have more time in their weeks to do these activities.

The first block I see a lot of is that they’re too busy.

Meaning that they just don't feel like they have the time (or are not prepared to make the time) to really sit down with a team member and show them how to do a particular task.

What they don’t realise is that this process is such a good investment of their time, because it means that this team member is getting better at certain tasks in the business over time. It also means that as the team member gets better at this particular task, it is freeing them up to focus more on strategic thinking...

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Delegation - How To Do It Better

Today I want to talk to you about how to get better at delegation. 

So many leaders and business owners that I’m talking to at the moment are so busy, so overwhelmed and have all this work on their plate. 

They know that they could be doing more to steer the ship, to think strategically, to spend time on the actions that are actually going to grow their team and their business. 

If only they could get more time in their weeks and delegate better. 

When I was teaching this concept of delegation in my group coaching program this week and we were exploring all of the concepts and blocks around getting better at delegation, one of my amazing clients, Phil, had an incredible insight around delegation that he shared with the group.

Phil mentioned to the coaching group that he had been taught when he first stepped into a leadership role, that one of the greatest things that he would struggle with as he grew his team & his business would be delegation to the...

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How To Increase Your Prices

Recently I ran a webinar called 'How To Avoid Competing On Price', where we explored how to increase your prices, get paid what you’re really worth, how to generate more profit and how to have happier clients in the process.

If you’d like to watch the replay - follow the link below:

One of the aspects we explored in this webinar, was your potential blocks from a mindset point of view, as to why you don’t increase your prices, ask for variations and in general get more hungry when it comes to chasing new sales and new clients.

Today I want to explore with you these blocks in a little bit more detail.

Now if you’ve noticed that you procrastinate or choose to do other things when you know you need to be talking to a client about a variation, or that you shy away from having sales conversations with clients or in general feel uncomfortable when it comes to sales, marketing and...

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How To Get Better At Strategic Leadership

So many of us know that as leaders and business owners, we need to be more strategic with our days, weeks, months and years.

We know we need to spend more time on big picture thinking, thinking about where our market is going, thinking about how to solve our clients’ problems in a new and unique way, thinking about and forward planning for the pipeline of work coming in the door and making sure the team and the people around us are performing to the best of their ability.

So why do so many of us find it difficult or get uncomfortable when we think about or even go to take some time out of our weeks to stop and think creatively and strategically?

The answer lies in the conflict in your mind between the different parts of your personality.

Let me explain.

You see, you have different parts of your personality that want different things for you.

You have a driver / achiever part of your personality that only ever wants you to be actioning things, ticking things off your to-do list...

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Why Asking For Help Is So Important

Do you feel like you have to do everything on your own and think that asking for help shows weakness?

Did you know that we are naturally wired this way, and it is okay to feel like this? We have a part of our personality that loves the ‘hard slog’ and ‘going it alone’ and proving / showing everyone around us that we don’t need help.

However, it can catch up on us if we continue to act and think this way. It can burn us out to a point where we become ineffective and useless in our role. If you are a team leader or a business owner, it may negatively affect how your team and business grows. 

If you want to build an amazing team, get better clients, become a confident leader and grow a successful team & business – then it is so important that you become OK with asking for help.

If you want to learn more, follow the link below to watch the video.

Click Here  to watch now.

Josh ‘Ask For Help’ Stone

PS: If you’re...

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Why Growth Is Hard

Today I want to explore with you why growth, meaning your personal growth as a leader or business owner as well as growing your team and growing your business, can feel so hard at times. 

You see, we as human beings are naturally wired to want to stay and feel safe. We typically don’t like to feel uncomfortable and we typically don’t like to get outside of our comfort zone. 

However, all human beings have what I call a 'growth urge'. Meaning the innate or inbuilt urge to want to grow, to want to do better, to want to be better, to want to be more successful, to grow a really profitable team or business etc. - you get me. 

And so, as human beings, we are constantly battling this internal struggle and this internal conflict between wanting to feel comfortable and staying safe versus getting uncomfortable and growing, learning and evolving. 

So, as we go to learn a new skill, as we go to chase new and bigger better clients, as we go to grow our team or...

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How To Get Better At Delegation

Are you holding onto tasks that you KNOW you should be giving to others, way longer than you should? 

As you’re growing your team and your business – the reality is that you simply can’t do everything. 

If you want to build a really successful team or business. If you want to grow, if you want more revenue and more profit, if you want more clients – then you need to delegate. 

If you want to learn more, follow the link below to watch the video. 

Click Here to watch now. 

Josh ‘Delegate’ Stone

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