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How To Improve Team Efficiencies


Is your revenue OK, but profit margins suck? 


Can’t work out why there’s no money left over each month? 


It’s probably your team’s efficiencies. 


Team are great.  


They’re the only way you’re going to grow. 


They’re the only way you’re going to take on bigger and better clients. 


But if they’re not performing - it’s the quickest way to bankruptcy. 


A poor performing team can very quickly chew through any cash reserves. 


A poor performing team will happily rack up hours against projects that don’t have the budget. 


If profit is low - team performance is the first thing I look at. 


The good news is - it’s also really easy to fix. 


Poor team performance is a lack of structure and direction. 


Think of leading your team like 10 pin bowling… 



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2 Things Every Business Owner Should Do

When it comes to growing your business - are you all in? 


When it comes to building a life that you TRULY want - are you all in? 


Or is this a ‘sometimes’ and ‘when you feel like it’ kinda situation? 


There are only 2 x things that will help you build the life you want - Effort & Consistency . 


Now I’m not talking about waking up at 4am, being ‘hardcore’ and working 60 - 80hr weeks. 


I’m not about that at all.  


In fact - I’d rather you work less because you’ve built a really sustainable business. 


A business that support you having more time. 


More time for the things that are most important to you. 


I’m talking about the level of commitment you have to building this life? 


I’m talking about the level of commitment you have to building a really successful business. 



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You Canโ€™t Be Nice All The Time

As humans we like to be liked. 

We like people saying nice things about us and we really don’t like it when people don’t like us or have negative things to say about us. 


We typically don't like conflict and avoid situations where 'real talk' or 'saying hard things' is required.  

But as a business owner, you have to let go of your need to be liked. 

It's 100% not serving you and it's causing you and your business more damage than you realise.  

It's often thought that the best way to create a good culture in your business is to be the nice guy or nice girl. 


To let your staff have fun & never push them outside of their comfort zone, for fear that they won't like working with you anymore and that they’ll leave you. 

This is the completely wrong way to think about creating great culture and being a great business leader. 

To create a great business that generates excellent revenue and profit, to...

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Youโ€™re Addicted To Your Business

Let’s face it - you’re addicted to your business.  

You think about it all the time.   

Nights. Weekends. During a workout. At the dinner table. While you’re with family & friends.  

While you don’t want to admit it and as much as you try and not think about it - your brain always finds a way back.  

Thinking about what’s next and what needs to be done.   

Thinking about your current problems and how you’re going to fix them.  

Thinking about the future and whether you’re as far along as you thought you would be by now.   

And you know what - this is completely normal.  

Your business is a part of you.   

You started it. You’re growing it. And you’re its captain - in charge of where you’re taking it.  

But - your business doesn’t need you as much as you think it does.  

Just because you...

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Thou Shalt Not Hustle Or Grind

I can’t stand the hustle and grind culture.   

It breaks my heart seeing so many business owners feeling like they need to sacrifice every other part of their life in order to focus on building their business.  

There’s a saying I saw recently “Sacrifice everything for a year, so that you never need to sacrifice anything ever again”.  

What an awful message.   

Because what if it takes longer than a year to build your business?  

And I can almost certainly guarantee that it will.   

To build a successful business that runs without you and your constant input, that generates great revenue and profits and sets you and your family up for financial freedom and financial success is a 6+ year journey.  

It’s a marathon - not a sprint.   

I’d much rather you slow things down and focus on consistency and doing the daily things that matter towards growth....

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The Gap vs The Gain

As high-achievers, we spend our whole lives looking forward.

To what’s next. 

The next goal. The next revenue level. The next business size. The next achievement.

Now, I’m all for high-achievement. In fact, I’d love to see more high-achievers in our industry. Advancing and pushing things forward. Making our industry and the outcomes we create better and better. Having a greater and more positive impact on the lives of the people we set out to help.

But the problem with always looking forward - to what’s next, to what we haven’t achieved yet - is that it puts us in The Gap.

And if we’re constantly focused on The Gap, on what we haven’t done yet - it often causes us to feel pretty negative about ourselves, our business and the world around us.

Because no matter what we do or achieve - it’s never enough. There’s always more.

This causes us to push ourselves more and more, never resting, never taking a break, never celebrating...

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Consistency Matters

Well here we go - we're into the run into Christmas! What a year!

What I notice at this time of the year is that leaders and business owners start to get complacent and take their foot off the pedal.

It’s been a hard and full on year - I know. But if you want to finish this year strong AND set the start of your 2024 up right - then you have to keep going.

This is where consistency matters.

It’s the little things you do every day that really matter and allow you to build momentum - and momentum generates results!

Watch and listen for those little voices in your head that tell you things like:

  • “It's been a hard year - just take the rest of the year slowly.”
  • “Don't worry about following up that client / proposal / opportunity - leave it until the new year.”
  • “I can't be bothered having that hard conversation with a team member or client - I'm tired and don't want the angst.”

Use your calendar to your advantage here. This way you are...

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The Staff Pay Review Process

How would you rate your current pay and performance review process? Clear, structured and easy to follow? Or unclear and ambiguous at best?

Let me tell you, if done right, this process can actually be a powerful tool for building a thriving team culture that drives business growth.

Now that we’re well into the new financial year, pay reviews, performance assessments – they're all on the horizon. But how do you ensure that you not only set proper expectations for remuneration but also encourage a high-performance culture whereby each and every team member is motivated and inspired to progress their career?

First things first, I get it. Many business owners shy away from this process, put it in the “too hard” basket or run a half-baked process due to the money and culture-related aspects involved. However, nailing the performance and pay review process can do wonders for your company's culture. Trust me.

So, let's talk strategy.

One of the most significant...

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Upgrade Your Clients

You’ve got clients. But are they the right clients? Do they fit into the ideal client mould that you have for your team and your business? 

Today I want to talk to you about a really important business strategy and concept – The Client Upgrade. 

Picture this: you've got your niche in the marketplace sorted, and you're winning work from clients within this niche. But have you ever thought about the fact that not all clients in your niche are created equal?

Yep, it's true. There are actually different types of clients within your chosen niche, and once you recognise this, you’ll realise there’s a whole new level to upgrading your clients – even within your chosen niche. 

Let's break it down. Within your niche and the market you play in – there are actually different categories of clients. Think bleeding, slipping, stable, and leading – these aren't just words; they're the different types of clients hanging out in your niche.


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Remove distractions & Increase productivity

Do you get to the end of each day, not really quite sure what you achieved? Do you feel like you did a whole bunch of ‘stuff’ that were other people's priorities, but spent no time moving things forward and working on your high-priority business actions? 

If your days are similar to the above, then you have a problem with owning your time.

Now wasting time is akin to sleeping on a pile of gold. It is so precious and you can never get it back. 

It is so important that you take ownership of your time. You need to be able to use it wisely to grow and to keep your business moving forward.

When you get interrupted, it takes 20 minutes or more to regain focus. If you allow constant interruptions, such as last-minute requests and meetings, email notifications or messages, etc., your productivity will plummet. You get out of the ‘zone’, and your mind gets burdened with other things at the same time.

A good first step to removing distractions and increasing...

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