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How To Increase Your Prices

Recently I ran a webinar called 'How To Avoid Competing On Price', where we explored how to increase your prices, get paid what you’re really worth, how to generate more profit and how to have happier clients in the process.

One of the aspects we explored in this webinar, was your potential blocks from a mindset point of view, as to why you don’t increase your prices, ask for variations and in general get more hungry when it comes to chasing new sales and new clients.

Today I want to explore with you these blocks in a little bit more detail.

Now if you’ve noticed that you procrastinate or choose to do other things when you know you need to be talking to a client about a variation, or that you shy away from having sales conversations with clients or in general feel uncomfortable when it comes to sales, marketing and business development - then you should definitely read on!

The first block I want to explore with you is an unconscious aversion or a negative viewpoint around sales, marketing and business development. Now we could spend a whole bunch of time exploring where you go this block from, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter where you got it from, it just matters what you do next.

So if you have a block or negative viewpoint around sales, marketing and business development - then it’s very likely that you won’t be successful in these areas. You’ll always look for ways to avoid talking about variations with clients, you’ll justify all the reasons why other work is more important than talking to a client about new business and you’ll just in general procrastinate when it comes to talking about anything to do with sales, marketing and business development. 

The good news is that you can change this block, but it requires effort and it requires a willingness to get outside of your comfort zone and do things that make you uncomfortable and to do things that you haven’t done before. 

Another block we explored in the webinar was this concept of low self-worth versus high self-worth.

What I’ve seen over the years working with clients, is that people with low self-worth (meaning they don’t feel very good about themselves) don’t feel like they’re worthy of raising their prices or don't feel like they’re worthy of being able to have financial discussions with potential or existing clients. 

What I also see is people with a sense of low self-worth don’t go for variations. They don’t ask for good fees. They aren’t comfortable raising their prices and don’t feel like they’re worthy of generating amazing revenue and amazing profits.

Conversely, what I’ve seen is people with a sense of high self-worth (meaning they feel really good about themselves, they know that they’re really good at what they do and that they add immense value to their client’s world) these people are really comfortable asking for variations because they know that they worth it.

These people are really comfortable increasing their prices because they know they add immense value to their client’s world. These people are also really comfortable and really enjoy sales, marketing and business development because they look forward to helping new clients and look forward to helping more clients because they know they’re really good at what they do.

So these are just some of the blocks that could be preventing you from increasing your prices, generating more revenue, creating amazing levels of profit and having way happier clients in the process.

The biggest opportunity ahead now lies the ability to inspect these blocks and to then do something about it!

Josh “Increase Your Prices” Stone


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