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A 30% Increase In Revenue

How we helped Morné achieve a 30% increase in revenue. 

From frustrated and not sure how to grow building a business with a clear plan and is now looking to bring on more key people. 

Plus on track to 1.3X his revenue on last year. 


Which turned into... 

“Thanks for the personalised help…I owe you guys.” 


When I met Morné he: 

Was struggling to choose the right clients that would help him grow. 

Had no time to focus on high value tasks. 

Had no clear path forward to build the business he wanted. 


So we got to work. 

Together we worked on: 

Building a roadmap for the staged growth of the business.  

Hiring admin support to free up more of Morné’s time. 

Defining his ideal client and who he really wants to work with and pursuing work from these specific clients. 

And now...  

He’s on track to do a 30% increase in revenue compared to last year. 

We could not be prouder of the results Morné has achieved and he’s only getting warmed up. 


So if you’d like to increase revenue, learn how to operate more efficiently and grow your business with confidence, we might be able to help.  


Book in a Business Growth Call and let’s see if we can help.  

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To your success. 



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