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Build A Lifestyle Business

A large part of what I do for my clients is expand their thinking.

To show them what’s possible for their lives and their business outside of their current viewpoint or thought structure.

To push them a little to help them see and uncover what they really want in life.

Most of the time, people start their own business for one or all of these reasons - money, meaning and freedom.

They’d like to make more money than they could working for someone else and if you dig deep enough, most would like to create intergenerational wealth and really set themselves and their family up for financial freedom & success.

They’d like to have a greater impact on the lives of those around them. Deliver exceptional projects for their clients, help the community and the public who benefit from these projects, build a great team where everyone is motivated and inspired to do great work and to show their friends and family what’s possible if you pursue doing what you enjoy.

They’d like greater freedom. Freedom to choose when and how they work. Taking time off to travel the world, spending more time with their kids and loved ones and in general, living a fun and meaningful life.

But somewhere along the journey of being a business owner, most just start to ‘settle’.

The journey is much harder and longer than they anticipated and slowly but surely let go of those big ambitions and dreams.

They become OK with and reside to the fact that they’ve just bought themselves a pretty stressful job that requires them to be ‘on’ 24/7 and that comes with way more responsibility than if they were working for someone else.

But I’d like you to know that it absolutely doesn’t have to be this way if you don’t want it to be.

That it IS all possible. 

Everything you truly want for your life and your business is on the other side of consistency, a roadmap, some decent strategies and expanded thinking. 

You can create a lifestyle business. One that allows you to live a meaningful and fun life on your terms. 

A life with more money, meaning & freedom.

You just need to be shown how. 

If you’d like some help building your business to that next level & being shown the pathway and roadmap to follow, send me a message with the word “Boardroom” and let’s have a chat about how working together in Boardroom can help you build the life and the business that you really want. 

To your success

Josh ‘Lifestyle’ Stone


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