Have Clients Chasing You

When you’re trying to be “all things to all people” and trying to please everyone all the time – you don’t tend to have the time for yourself to get any traction on your priorities. 

However, when you get really laser focused on a small, but important number of strategies – that’s when things really start to take off and you can move everything forward with confidence. 

This is exactly what happened with a great client of mine, Chris. 

You see, when we first started working together - he had a tendency to jump in, take over and do everything for his team when things got tough or weren’t going according to plan. 

This meant that he was constantly in reactionary mode and putting out fires and he had no time left in his days or weeks to actually focus on business development, client relationships and his teams positioning in the marketplace. 

So once we got Chris comfortable delegating to his team and holding his team accountable for their roles and their workload – we could then get down to business. 

Chris really wanted to focus on his and his teams positioning in the marketplace. He was tired of only winning work based on being the cheapest, having a short-term project pipeline and having to work with clients that he didn’t like and who didn’t pay very well. 

Together, we focused on his Elite Positioning in the marketplace. We got him clear on his strategy and his vision as well as his ideal client and who he really wanted to work with. 

We built a strategy for how to communicate consistently and clearly to his existing and potential clients about the results he was getting for his clients and his team’s expertise in their field. 

The results for Chris:

  • He actually had clients approaching him for a change!
  • He was able to charge a premium for his & his team’s time and services. 
  • He could pick and choose the clients he wanted to work with.
  • He had confidence in his project pipeline. 
  • He was able to generate more revenue and more profit.  

Would you like to get the same results or better?

Send me an email at [email protected] with the word “BRAINSTORM” and let’s brainstorm a plan for you.

Josh “Results” Stone 


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