How To Get Your Team To Care As Much As You Do

We recently had an amazing ‘Hot Seat’ session with Em in our group coaching program where she was sharing with everyone all about her wins & learnings in her business building journey.

There were so many great takeaways and learnings for everyone in the program.

There was one discussion point that came up, which became a bit of a hot topic with the group and got a lot of good discussion going.

It was this concept that, as leaders and business owners, we're really committed to and can see the absolute importance of investing in client relationships and really putting the effort in to nurture them over the long term.

The discussion moved to the fact that it can be quite difficult to actually instil these same qualities and desires within your team and the people around you, who don't necessarily care as much as you do in terms of that client relationship.

Particularly when your team and the people around you are just so focused on project delivery and getting stuff done.

They've got time pressures and are needing to get things out. That’s their main priority and focus. That’s their ‘role’ so to speak.

They're really not so worried about the client relationship and the long term benefit of nurturing this relationship. 

So we talked a lot about how do you actually navigate this?

How do you manage your team, get the most out of them, still get the deliverables done and out on time - but also instil a mentality of “This client relationship is important. This is a long term client, and we've got to nurture the relationship”.

And the discussion moved to well, you've got to explain the “why”.

As the leader or business owner, it's really important that you take the time out to explain the “why” to your team around you about why this relationship is important.

It’s critical that you explain to them why it’s important that they nurture this relationship or that they go above and beyond to deepen the relationship with this particular client.

Because if you don't explain the “why” you're not giving your team context. So they just assume that this is any old project or any old client, and they will quite frankly not care and not give the client relationship the importance it deserves. 

They’ll just be focused on delivery.

So if you focus on the why, take the time to explain the why to your team and give them context when it comes to each client relationship – you get to watch them flourish when it comes to investing in client relationships and caring just as much as you do.

Josh “Team Player” Stone 


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