What's Your Strategy?

Do you know what your strategy is?

Do you know what your plan is for your team and your business over the next 6, 12 and even 24 months?

We see, without a plan and without a strategy, sometimes things can feel a little bit directionless. It can feel like you’re turning up each and every day and doing whole bunch of things and activities - but are they moving you in the right direction?

It’s one of the biggest sabotages and biggest blocks I see happening with leaders and business owners in the engineering and construction industry. Whereby they just turn up every day and take action for the sake of taking action and they don't really know what they’re taking action for.

And then they finally stop and actually lift their heads up in 3 - 5 years’ time and they think to themselves - "this isn't really where I wanted to be"...

So today I want to really encourage you to pause for a second and think about where you’re going?

What does the next 6, 12 and even 24 months actually look like for you, your team and your business? What kind of clients do you really want to work with? What kind of team and what kind of people do you want to surround yourself with? What kind of revenue do you want to generating? What kind of profit do you want to be making?

And I really encourage you to write this down somewhere and to look at it often.

Now, just to be clear - I’m definitely not big on strategic planning that takes weeks to do and that results in a 90-page document that no one ever looks at!

You want to be able to create your strategy in an hour top and you want your plan to be fluid. It needs to be something that you can easily look at, revisit and update as you’re going.

Your strategy needs to be fluid and it needs to be simple and easy to follow.

But most importantly you need to have one!

I’ll say it again - without a strategy and without some planning, you, your team and your business will be rudderless and you'll pop your head up in three years’ time and say "how did I get here!"

So make a plan. Look at it often. Create the time and the space in your week to revisit and update - and watch the magic happen!

Josh 'Strategy' Stone

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