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Why Earning What You’re REALLY Worth Is More Important Than You Think

Making good money is awesome. When you make really good money you’re able to buy yourself and your family incredible experiences. You’re able to show your children amazing parts of the world and open their eyes to the vastness and richness the world has to offer. You’re able to dote on and pamper your loved ones (if that’s important to you). 

You’re able to choose how you want to live, how much you work (or whether you work at all) - so many more doors are open to you.

You’re also able to give back to the world and the community around you. When you go out for nice meals, you’re helping the owner of the restaurant keep their restaurant open and to keep their staff employed. When you go on overseas trips and have incredible experiences - think of all the people that you support through you spending your money.

With so many upsides and positives to being wealthy and abundant - why is money the number one pattern and issue I work with my clients around? 

Why are we as a society so conditioned to want for less than we’re really worth when it comes to earning money? 

What are we so afraid of? 

It’s not that we don’t all want more money right? Almost every person I know wants more money.

So if the majority of the population are openly stating that they want to earn more money - but aren’t ever able to get to the level they want (or even close) - this HAS to be an issue at the unconscious level of the mind (which it absolutely is). 

There are two really common, deeply held beliefs around wealth and money that I work with my clients around:

  1. Deservability - the unconscious belief is that “I don’t actually deserve to earn decent money (because I’m not good enough), therefore I won’t “
  2. Fear of rejection, ridicule and judgement from family and current tribe - the unconscious belief is that “I will be rejected and shamed if I earn decent money, therefore I won’t”

At the core of these patterns is a deep, underlying issue of self-worth. A belief that fundamentally you are not good enough, not a decent human being, not worthy of being loved and accepted if you earn awesome money. 

The work then becomes one of addressing and rewiring the self-worth and self-belief unconscious wiring first and then addressing the money blocks second. 

If you need help with your money patterns and blocks then we’d love to help. 

We have created a 5-day Challenge to help you ‘Rewire Your Money Mindset’. In this challenge, we help you identify the unconscious programming and mindset roadblocks that are currently allowing money to constantly slip through your fingers and are preventing you from taking your financial success to the level that you want. We will teach you processes, tools and techniques that will allow you to rewire your thinking and unconscious beliefs and hardwire in new habits, thoughts and belief systems that will help you become financially successful at the level you deserve. 

If you are in, so are we. 

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Live Out Loud 

Josh ‘Money Mindset’ Stone


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