Winning Work CAN Be Easy


So many engineering leaders and business owners groan when you talk to them about winning work.

"It's really hard"

"It takes a lot of effort and most of the time doesn't pay off"

"Most of the potential customers I talk to already have their preferred engineer and they are just going to give the work to them regardless of what I say or do"....

...and this is absolutely true if you're approaching BD and winning work like everyone else - unfocused networking, boozy lunches, fighting for work based on being the cheapest etc. etc.

Today I want to talk to you about a strategy that has been absolutely amazing for my clients: Authority marketing.

Authority marketing is where you are actively and consciously positioning yourself, your team and your business as a thought leader and a market leader in your chosen field.

You are constantly producing articles, marketing material, content for LinkedIn and other platforms as well as your email database where you are talking about your specific expertise in your chosen area and positioning yourself as the leader in this space.

You are producing and using customer testimonials from previous projects where you have really helped and achieved amazing results for your customers and they are ecstatic about how you helped them - again in your specific area of expertise. 

You use these customer testimonials to talk about the problem your customer was facing before you arrived on the scene, you talk about the strategy that you employed for your customer based on your expertise in this area and you talk about the outcome you achieved for your customer and the money / pain / frustration that you have saved them.

Guess what starts to happen over time? Your positioning work starts to pay off. Potential customers are approaching you for help. They have seen your authority marketing, how you have helped other customers and the results you have achieved for them and now that they are having the same challenges - they want your help.

Suddenly the tables have turned - you are no longer out there hunting for work and coming back empty handed. Work is coming to you! The customers you once were chasing - begin to chase you.

Think about your competitors out there - how many of them are doing this? Not many!

Yes, this still requires work.

Yes, this still requires you to put in effort.

Yes, this still requires perseverance and dedication.

(every successful team and business out there require this)

But this strategy works and it pays off.

Josh 'Authority Marketing' Stone

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