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Your 80 / 20 Rule

Today I want to explore with you a super interesting concept that I’ve been playing around with in my own life and in my own business.

It’s called the 80 / 20 rule for getting ‘stuff’ done.

This concept is all about being conscious, being intentional and accessing the appropriate energy and emotions within yourself to get done what you need to get done.

Let me explain.

You see most of us go about our days and our weeks not been hugely intentional with the energy, the state and the emotions that we’re in in order to get things done. Most of us stay in fairly comfortable emotions and a fairly comfortable state of being, acting, operating and behaving. We like being this way because it’s familiar to us.

And most of us, if we really analyse the energy and the emotions that we operate out of every day - it’s one of being nice to others, it’s one of been quite laid-back, it’s one of not wanting to do things that rock the boat and being fairly calm and considered.

And to be honest - I’m the same. I recognise that I quite like operating my business and working with my clients from a state of calm, from a state of ease and from those more high-level emotions of going with the flow and just generally enjoying my business, my clients and what I get to do every day.

But what I recognise is from acting this way ALL THE TIME - I’m missing out.

I’m missing out on being able to access the BIGGER energy and the BIGGER emotions in order to just honestly get stuff done. 

Most of us don’t like to access these more full-on energies of anger, frustration, willpower, intensity, pushing, driving - because quite frankly most of us feel uncomfortable being in those emotions and being in this energy.

What I’d like you to recognise is if you don’t consciously access those more intense emotions, then you’re missing out on the ability to get things done quickly and to get things done with a sense of purpose and a sense of urgency.

So to come back to this concept of your 80 / 20 rule for getting ‘stuff’ done, what I’ve recognised is the most effective way for me to operate my business and to work with my clients is to spend 80% of my days and my weeks in those higher-level energies. 80% of my time in the calmer emotions, enjoying what I’m doing and generally going with the flow.

And then spending 20% of my week and my time accessing these more intense emotions to quite frankly just get stuff done. I find when I need to get something done where I need the intensity and I need a sense of urgency - those higher-level emotions don’t work.

So if you’re looking to be more efficient with your time, if you’re looking to get stuff done and if you’re looking to enjoy your weeks more and to access a broader range of emotions and parts of your personality - have a go at this 80 / 20 rule for getting ‘stuff’ done and let me know how you go!

Josh ’80 / 20’ Stone


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