Your New Client Journey

I hope you’re having an amazing week. 

I've just finished a kick-off coaching call with the next intake into my 12 week coaching program. And I have a question for you. 

Do you have a new client onboarding process, a new client journey? 

Do you have an outcome, or a feeling or something that you want your new clients to experience when they first start working with you? Something that gets your clients who are new to working with your team & your business, really excited to be working with you? 

So in the kick-off coaching call for my 12 week program, we cover all the logistics of working together and that kind of thing. But then the main outcome that I want my clients to experience when they come out of this kick-off coaching call, is a sense of excitement.

A sense that we've achieved something together on this call, that we’ve got them clear on their next right thing, that we’ve got them moving and that they feel less stuck and excited to dive into the program and achieve things together. 

So when new clients finish this kick-off call, the emotion that I want them to feel is a sense of excitement and a sense of being part of a community that will support them on this next phase of their leadership & business growth journey. 

So my question to you is, have you thought about this? 

Have you thought about new clients coming into your business or even existing clients that you already work with? What's your client journey?

Do you have a process that you and your team run every time a new client comes and works with you? Do you have (and I know it sounds boring) a checklist that your team follows to make sure that each new client coming into your business gets the same level experience every time? 

Have you thought about creating a process to ensure that your clients get to experience a level of excitement, a level of enjoyment and getting them excited about the project ahead? 

And if you don't, maybe you should develop one. Just something simple and easy to follow so that your new clients who are entrusting their project with you feel excited, they feel like you've got their back, and that they're really looking forward to working with you and your team on the project ahead.

Josh "Client Onboarding" Stone

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