Your Self Worth Equals Your Net Worth

How many of us have had goals that are monetary? The majority of us have. Because money represents a host of different things. Security, safety, comfort, choices, freedom, leadership, moving up etc. It fuels us to move forward and create a different life.

Whether or not you agree with it, money is important to us, it makes the world go around, it is necessary.

What isn’t taught loudly or readily enough is the fact that how much you earn can a lot of the time correlate directly to how you feel about yourself, how much you believe you are worth. You will have categorised yourself into a certain bucket in life of where you believe you fit.

 Take a story of two boys. One boy grew up with an alcoholic father. Last night he saw his back door broken in and the window smashed. He goes to school not washed the next day. He sits next to a boy smiling, happy, clean, clothes ironed. Growing up he automatically deems himself as ‘second class’, he is not worth as much as the boy next to him. And as you continue to grow up you compare yourself to others.

 “You compare your personal truth – what you know about yourself and how you really live, to everybody else’s social mask” 

We generate the results in life we think we deserve. If you think you’re damaged, if you think you’re second class, you WILL generate results that you think a second-class person deserves.

That is why it’s so important to fix your personal truth. Otherwise you’re bound to spend the rest of your life thinking, ‘Those good results…those are for someone else, not me.’ And you’ll settle for second best.

So, as you go for a promotion, look to save more money, accumulate wealth, build your career – if underneath it all you have a belief that you are not worth much, you will feel an overwhelming feeling of low self-worth, you will sabotage what you create, you will procrastinate, feel unmotivated or a host of different actions. 

You need to uncover the stories, to be able to move ahead in life.

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Live Out Loud 

Gab Denman



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