Choose Your Mode

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of being intentional and consciously choosing the "mode" in which you are working and operating out of. 

I find that we tend to be quite reactional in nature in our day-to-day working environments. And what I mean by this, is that we always tend to react to what is happening around us and allow external influences to affect our thoughts, our behaviours and how we are operating in that moment. 

This is a very ineffective way of working and often means that we get to the end of our day and we really aren’t sure about what we actually achieved over the course of our day. 

So, what I encourage you to do is become very conscious and very intentional about choosing the mode in which you are operating out of in any given moment. 

For example, if you know you need to get something done that is incredibly important and you know that it’s going to take you 1 or 2 hours of uninterrupted time to get that particular item done, then I want you to start intentionally choosing to turn your phone off, to close down your emails and to take yourself somewhere where you won’t be interrupted for that 1 or 2 hour period. 

Then once you’ve created the right environment to get that activity done, you then intentionally choose to step into "get stuff done" mode and knock this task off. 

You intentionally choose to become incredibly laser focused on achieving that particular task. 

By doing this and by being consciously intentional about the mode that you need to enter for a particular task, it means that you’re not wasting time and it means that your mindset and psychology is not being distracted and spread thin across all the different things that are vying for your attention. 

Similarly, once that particular task or activity is done, if you know that you’re then required to go and connect with your team, to touch base with them, to see how they are going etc. You then intentionally step into a more connected and open mode, whereby you’re more receptive to connecting with your team, being with them, finding out how they’re going etc. 

So rather than being reactive and allowing everyone else around you to influence your day and where you spend your time, effort and energy - by being intentional about choosing your mode in any given moment, you’re going to be so much more effective with your days. 

By choosing how you show up with each and every activity you are ultimately going to be way more productive, get way more done and feel like you achieved a lot more at the end of your day.

Josh "Choose Your Mode" Stone

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