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How To Set Your Week Up So You Win

Today I'd like to explore with you a really simple, but highly effective technique my clients are using right now to set their weeks up so they win.

It all comes down to being really intentional with how you start your week.

Most leaders and business owners get to work or get to their office on Monday mornings and they just start 'doing'.

They just start answering emails or phone calls and get stuck straight into delivery mode. 

I'd like you to do something completely different with the start of your week. I'd like you to block out 2hrs somewhere on Monday morning which will be your time to get intentional and strategic about your week.

In this 2hr block I'd like you to think about, strategise and get clear on your actions around the following:

1)  Business development. This could mean reaching out to a potential client for coffee or lunch, strategising about who you're targeting next with your BD strategy or even sitting down to write a proposal.

2)  Existing client relationships. What are you going to do this week to connect with your current clients to continue to deepen and develop these relationships?

3)  Team. How is your team going? Who's performing and who isn't? Who needs help and mentoring? Do you need to hire someone? What actions can you take this week to further develop and build a high performing team?

Now notice I said above - get clear on your 'actions' in these 3 areas.

This is because thinking about 'stuff' is not enough to move the needle for your team and your business. You need to think and strategise first - but you NEED to take action on these. Otherwise nothing happens, nothing changes and your team and business doesn't grow.

So you need to commit to taking actions every week in these 3 areas. 

Once you're clear on these actions - I'd like you to take this process one step further. I'd like you to set calendar reminders for each of these action items throughout the week to make sure you do and take the action on the things you're committing to every Monday morning. 

If you get really intentional about your week first up on a Monday morning, commit to taking these actions and actually follow through and take the action - you'll find that your weeks will become WAY more productive and the needle will really move for your team and your business.

Josh 'Set Your Week Up To Win' Stone

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