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The Path to $3M (and beyond)

If I was doing it all again, here’s what I would do to build a $3M+ per year consultancy. 

Getting to $3M per year is one of the hardest first hurdles on your way to $10M+. 

There is usually a plateau in growth around $3M, as you’re typically trying to figure out how things need to run so that everything doesn’t rely on you. 


So here’s what I’d do if I was doing it all again: 

1) Start with one specific type of client who you know you can easily solve their problems. 


Be hyper specific here - think property developer doing land subdivisions or civil contractor building industrial sheds. 

2) Build a delivery method that allows you to deliver quality work to this one type of client every time. 


This means focusing on your delivery systems and getting them down pat. 

3) Deliver great work and get good quality repeat work from existing clients. 

4) Build a LinkedIn marketing system to generate leads and opportunities from this one type of client, winning new work off the back of the reputation you’re building. 

5) Hire high performers as you grow to deliver on the increasing workload. 


This will get you to $1M per year. 

Typically at this point you’ll need to hire or recruit from within a team leader to take over from what you’re doing. 

This team leader will continue to win, deliver and lead this $1M per year business unit. 

You’ll then step to one side and either pursue a new / complimentary client type to diversify your service offering, or set up another delivery team to focus on your original client type. 


Build this 2nd team, doing the same process above, to $1M per year - so now you’re at $2M in rev. 


Recruit or elevate from within a 2nd team leader to take over your 2nd team. 

Then you do it all again to get to $3M in revenue. 


From there you’ll typically have 3 x team leaders + yourself as the owner running an epic $3M per year consultancy. 

Next step is to bring in a GM or an ops manager to then sit between you and the TL’s to then prepare for your growth to $5M and then onto $10M. 


I’ll cover that process another time… 

Hope this helps! 


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To your success. 

Josh ‘Path To $3M’ Stone 


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