What's Your Money Mindset?

Are you in control of how much money you earn? 

How long and how hard have you tried to be in a new financial position without any success? 

One of the leading topics that comes through the door with almost every client we work with is money. How to earn more, be more in control, feel more satisfied and really fulfil individual wealth potential. In every case our clients have tried to get to a new financial outcome on their own but can’t seem to get there. They keep ending back at square one.

This is where we come in.

What we want to bring to your awareness right now is one aspect of money or wealth creation mindset that you can take away and really think about. Hopefully it will shed some light on WHY you are a certain way with money. Hopefully it will help you understand what causes you to take the actions that you do when it comes to money - without you even KNOWING it. 

What we want you to focus in on is what you HEARD about money as a child and the types of statements your family and friends made when it came to wealth and being ‘rich’. You see, the way you were communicated to about money in your childhood will absolutely impact your wealth habits today - how you see it, spend it, save it and make it. The words the people around you used will have had a massive impact on you. 

Take a minute to think about some common phrases that were used with money in childhood. For example: 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“The rich are greedy and immoral”

“You have to work really hard to have money”

“We can’t afford it”

“We are broke”

“Money isn’t that important, it’s only money”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Money is there to be spent and not saved”

Get a piece of paper and write down yours.

Now I (Gab) want to show you with a client story how what you heard in childhood can create ‘blocks’ in your adulthood. How it stops you achieving new financial outcomes.

I had a session with a client earlier who had a very religious upbringing. In her family, just one of the common phrases that were used was; “you have to give (money) to be a good person”- including charities and those less off than her. Her mother and father staunchly upheld that belief, and regularly chastised those that they thought were ‘greedy’ and ‘selfish’ for ‘not giving back enough’. In their eyes, you were a ‘good person’ if you lived an average life and gave a lot of your money, and time, back. 

As a now adult and business leader this client has had many ‘blocks’ in their belief system from this ONE phrase from childhood. Some of the consequences of this belief in business include; lending money and not getting it back, giving over and above of their energy to the point of resentment and/or exhaustion, feeling uncomfortable around people that have a lot of wealth, giving too many discounts and feeling ‘bad’ in the sales process.

On an unconscious level this client has blocks telling her “I am a bad person if I make a lot of money”. And so, she has got to a certain amount of income and wealth and has now stopped and cannot get past that threshold. Because when she has teetered on the edge of more income, she starts to feel GUILTY and UNCOMFORTABLE. Once this happens, without knowing it, she reduces her income back down to a level that makes her internally comfortable.

So you can see from this short example, just how much the stories you heard from the people around you in your upbringing can impact your ability to create the wealth you really want AND DESERVE in life……unless you become aware of these stories and then do the work to rewire them. 

We want YOU to uncover what it is that is actually holding you back from earning more and making more money in your life.

We have created a 5-day Challenge to help you ‘Accelerate Your Earning Potential’. In this challenge we help you identify the unconscious programming and mindset roadblocks that are preventing you from earning to your true potential and taking your leadership success to the level that you want. We will teach you processes, tools and techniques that will allow you to rewire your thinking and unconscious beliefs and hardwire in new habits, thoughts and belief systems that will ensure you earn more and become a stronger, more influential and inspiring leader.

This challenge will be unlike anything you have experienced in your life. This is not some generic or token leadership training.

Our clients work with us because they want real results, no fluff and no BS. Our clients work with us because they are prepared to go deep in order to understand and rewire their core mindset and performance blocks.

If you are in, so are we. 

Click Here to join. 

Live Out Loud

Gab Denman & Josh Stone


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