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You Can’t Be Nice All The Time

As humans we like to be liked. 

We like people saying nice things about us and we really don’t like it when people don’t like us or have negative things to say about us. 


We typically don't like conflict and avoid situations where 'real talk' or 'saying hard things' is required.  

But as a business owner, you have to let go of your need to be liked. 

It's 100% not serving you and it's causing you and your business more damage than you realise.  

It's often thought that the best way to create a good culture in your business is to be the nice guy or nice girl. 


To let your staff have fun & never push them outside of their comfort zone, for fear that they won't like working with you anymore and that they’ll leave you. 

This is the completely wrong way to think about creating great culture and being a great business leader. 

To create a great business that generates excellent revenue and profit, to build a great culture, to build a high performing team - you need to do it differently. 


You need to be respected... not liked. 

To create a culture of high-performance in your business, you need to set high expectations for your team.  

You need to hold them accountable for their actions, their performance, their quality of work, their deadlines etc. And you need to let them know when they’re not performing. 


If you've allowed yourself to become a bit of a 'push over' business owner, who lets things slip - then this is a bit of a slippery slope to allowing a 'comfort seeker' culture to develop in your business.  

And if you allow this culture to continue - you’ve created a day-care, not a business. 

Now I'm not saying you need to be a hard-arse all the time who never has any fun.  


If you've got a high-performance culture in your business and a high-performing team to match - then absolutely have fun with your team.  

But the difference here is that you've built this culture off the back of your team respecting you - not liking you.  


Big difference.  

So if your culture isn't what you want it to be. If your profits margins aren't where you need them to be - start here first.  


And - if you’d like to increase revenue, learn how to operate more efficiently and grow your business with confidence, we might be able to help.  


Book in a Business Growth Call and let’s see if we can help.  

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To your success.  



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