The Importance Of Momentum

Today, I want to talk to you about the importance of building momentum.

The success of your team and the success of your business relies on you being able to build momentum and keep the same level of cadence in all areas of your team and your business.

I'm sure you've experienced this for yourself, that when you have momentum, things feel like they get a life of their own. They feel like they just continue to build steam and build speed and continue to generate really great and profound results for your team and your business.

And I'm sure you've also experienced what it’s like when you lose that momentum. How hard it is to then get going again, that things just become really difficult and you feel like you're pulling teeth! 

And so in order to build that momentum, you need to be ensuring that you are taking action on what's important to grow your team and your business each and every week. 

The way to do this is to make sure that you are firstly aware of these areas that you need to focus on. The actions and activities that make the biggest difference and that move the needle the most. 

And then secondly, you have the time blocked out in your calendar (you need to be ruthless with your calendar here) to make sure that you have the time to focus on each of these activities each and every week. 

Because if you don't build momentum, then it is so hard to achieve the success and the growth that you're looking for. 

You need to make sure you have time in your calendar each and every week for strategic thinking, for client relationships, for thinking about where you're taking the team or the business team, fee proposals, strategic initiatives, those kind of things. 

It may seem trivial and insignificant. But if you can make the time and the commitment to taking action on these elements each and every week – the momentum, growth and success will follow. 

Josh "Momentum" Stone

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