The Missing Ingredient (and BS) In 'Manifesting Money'

There are so many trainings, quotes and coaches out there that repeatedly teach that your ‘thoughts create your reality’. And whilst this is somewhat true, it misses a whole component of what it takes to attract more money in.

You cannot simply think ‘I want a million dollars’ and it will fall in your lap after a month of continuous affirmations, otherwise we would all be rich.

And I have got to tell you, it frustrates me hearing it!

The only way to attract more of what you want in is thoughts + action = attraction.

And to be honest with you, it takes a tonne of clarity, insight and awareness to be able to home in on what it is that you are thinking and what it is you are doing that is counteracting your efforts in wanting more.

Here is an example of a client I have worked with, which exemplifies this so well:

  • I have had a client that started making $100k more than they were when we started. But, the more the made, it seemed like they still never had anything! It was a lack of awareness around how the money was SPENT that was the culprit. This originated from thoughts that money is for fun and freedom and no responsibility. So as soon as it came in, it went out on ‘fun’ things. To align thought and action, this client had to a) understand the root of the problem around fun and responsibility and b) align her actions for attracting in more and creating abundance which was budgets, being financially literate and responsible and having benchmarks and goal posts along the way. Then, when she started making more she started FEELING and BECOMING an actual wealthy and abundant person.
  • Another client of mine wanted to start earning another $50k a year initially. In the past it seemed like no matter what she did she stayed in the EXACT same place financially. Nothing or no one could help her finances. No amount of corrective thinking was helping her move ahead. Once she started to look at her ACTIONS, she started to realise that her whole life she had spent relying on other people to prop her up. She seemed on the surface independent, but underneath she was incredibly dependent. And once realised, she saw that every time she went to be ‘independent’ and earn more, she would sabotage her success through her actions. She would do less, become irritable, get tired, lack motivation and spiral downhill. All so she could RETREAT to the safety and comfort of the dependent familiarity. It was only once we uncovered these ACTIONS could she then align thought and action to now attract what she is most definitely WORTH.

The point of this is, you will not attract what you want until you align thought and action.

It is incredibly important.

And, most likely, you will not go very far without it.

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