What To Do When Your To-Do List Is 10 Pages Long

When things get busy and our action list starts to get longer and longer – we can sometimes feel overwhelmed and like we’re getting nowhere. 

Sound familiar? 

Today I want to cover with you how to stay focused and on top of your game when things start to pile up. 

When we feel overwhelmed and like things are getting away from us – we tend to then procrastinate to compensate for how we feel. 

But this is the worst thing we can do in these moments. Procrastination means we’re getting nothing achieved and it just compounds how we feel. 

What you need in these moments is a strategy and a plan for how to set your days and your weeks up properly, to ensure you are consistently getting your actions done and moving things forward. 

If you want to learn more, follow the link below to watch the video. 

Click Here to watch now. 

Josh ‘To-Do List’ Stone

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