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How To Set Your Week Up So You Win

Today I'd like to explore with you a really simple, but highly effective technique my clients are using right now to set their weeks up so they win.

It all comes down to being really intentional with how you start your week.

Most leaders and business owners get to work or get to their office on Monday mornings and they just start 'doing'.

They just start answering emails or phone calls and get stuck straight into delivery mode. 

I'd like you to do something completely different with the start of your week. I'd like you to block out 2hrs somewhere on Monday morning which will be your time to get intentional and strategic about your week.

In this 2hr block I'd like you to think about, strategise and get clear on your actions around the following:

1)  Business development. This could mean reaching out to a potential client for coffee or lunch, strategising about who you're targeting next with your BD strategy or even sitting down to write a proposal.

2)  Existing client...

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Be A Resilient Leader

As an engineering leader or business owner in the industry at the moment - building and showing the traits of a resilient leader is so critical right now.

The people around you need someone to steer the ship. They need someone who is calm under pressure and who makes decisions quickly when they need to. 

Your team and your business can't afford to have someone at the helm who is unsure, hiding and cracks under pressure.

Now resilience is a difficult skill to master - particularly when you are trying to navigate your own emotions, thoughts and feelings through this busy period as well as being there for your team and your business.

Today I want to give you 3 strategies to become a more resilient and more effective leader during these busy times.

1) Build Awareness

The first step is building awareness of yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions in any given moment. The easiest way to do this is to set reminders for yourself on your phone throughout the day as a...

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Clarity Equals Success

Today I want to explore with you an area that a lot of engineering business leaders and business owners aren't getting right at the moment.

Everyone is rushing around so busy, with a million things on their action list and just trying to get enough done to keep their head above water.  

Because of all the rushing - rushing to do BD, saying yes to everything, rushing to get projects done, rushing the delegation process to internal teams etc. - no-one is pausing long enough to get clarity on what it is that they're actually supposed to be doing and actually trying to achieve.

The problem with rushing and the problem with taking action without clarity - is that it leads to mistakes, it leads to rework, it leads to unhappy clients who may start looking elsewhere, it leads to wasted money and resources and it leads to not profitable projects - all of which is completely unsustainable.

If you're looking to thrive right now (which I know you are) then you need to be ensuring that...

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Are You All In?

Recently I realised there were a few areas of my life and in business where I wasn't 'all in' - meaning areas where I wasn't 100% committed to what I was doing, the outcomes I was looking to achieve and the effort I was putting in.

I also realised that these were the areas of my life and business that I wasn't get great results in. And because I wasn't getting great results or outcomes, this just further added to my attitude of "why bother" & "there's no point" & "why put effort in here, when the outcomes aren't paying off".

But I also realised that these areas where I wasn't getting great results was actually my choice! 

I wasn't putting the effort into these areas of my life - so how could I expect the results to be stellar?

So I decided to make a commitment to myself, my family and my business - to be 'all in' in every facet of my life.

When I'm with my wife and my kids - I'm all in! I'm right there, in the moment playing, engaging and being open and present.


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Slow Down For Better Results

Today I want to explore with you why being busy means that you can't and won’t be a good leader or business owner…

Big statement I know!

You see, most of us are so conditioned to being busy. We think that being busy and ticking things off our to-do list, running around all day every day and getting to the end of every day exhausted is the way to achieving the success that we want to achieve.

However, the issue with being busy all the time and trying to get things done all the time is that you're never slowing down and taking the time to think strategically about where your team or your business is going.

Let me explain.

By being busy all the time you are robbing yourself, your team and your business of your ability to think creatively, your ability to think strategically and your ability to set a vision for where your team and your business is going.

So by being busy all the time and rushing around all the time and trying to fill your days full of busyness all the time...

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And Breatheā€¦

So many conversations I’m having with clients and leaders in our industry at the moment go something like this:

“I’m struggling to get to all the things – there’s not enough hours in the day”

“I have so much to do, I don’t even know where to start”

“I feel so overwhelmed right now that it’s impacting my ability to get stuff done”

Sound familiar?

Team, it’s no secret that it’s busy right now.

So many opportunities to pursue. So much current work on to deliver in insane timeframes. Trying to think about the future & strategy, whilst also trying to manage and deliver what’s already on your plate.

Overwhelm and burnout are very real factors on the table right now.

Right here, right now – I just want you to do one thing… breathe…

Just slow down and breathe…

Now, today I want to address with you that if you don’t do the things you need to do to look after yourself...

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The Follow Up Is Everything

There is one word that I can't stand - HUSTLE......

It seems to have become a massive buzz word in the world of leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.

I firmly believe that if you set your team and your business up smartly and you have the right systems and processes in place - then you don't need to hustle. Your team is performing well, your clients love you and the work you do for them and your project pipeline is full.

But today I'm going to break my rule and talk about one area that does require an amount of hustle....

...and that is in the follow up!!

Most people think that a potential client will either love them or hate them after one coffee meeting. They think they'll either get work out of them straight away or it wasn’t meant to be.

But that’s absolute nonsense.

If you're a stats person (which most engineers are!) then the latest stats are that a new client will need on average 8 touch points from you before they will make a purchasing decision with...

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How To Get Your Team To Care As Much As You Do

We recently had an amazing ‘Hot Seat’ session with Em in our group coaching program where she was sharing with everyone all about her wins & learnings in her business building journey.

There were so many great takeaways and learnings for everyone in the program.

There was one discussion point that came up, which became a bit of a hot topic with the group and got a lot of good discussion going.

It was this concept that, as leaders and business owners, we're really committed to and can see the absolute importance of investing in client relationships and really putting the effort in to nurture them over the long term.

The discussion moved to the fact that it can be quite difficult to actually instil these same qualities and desires within your team and the people around you, who don't necessarily care as much as you do in terms of that client relationship.

Particularly when your team and the people around you are just so focused on project delivery and getting stuff...

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Have Clients Chasing You

When you’re trying to be “all things to all people” and trying to please everyone all the time – you don’t tend to have the time for yourself to get any traction on your priorities. 

However, when you get really laser focused on a small, but important number of strategies – that’s when things really start to take off and you can move everything forward with confidence. 

This is exactly what happened with a great client of mine, Chris. 

You see, when we first started working together - he had a tendency to jump in, take over and do everything for his team when things got tough or weren’t going according to plan. 

This meant that he was constantly in reactionary mode and putting out fires and he had no time left in his days or weeks to actually focus on business development, client relationships and his teams positioning in the marketplace. 

So once we got Chris comfortable delegating to his team and holding his...

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How To Have More Energy

I was talking to a client this week who was struggling big time with his energy. He was constantly getting to the end of his workday completely exhausted - leaving nothing in the tank for him to spend time with and connect deeply with his family when he got home.

It was becoming an issue because his children were growing up and he was worried that he was missing out on important quality time with them. He simply didn’t have the energy when he got home to be completely present - and family is one of his highest values.

His career path, his role and the company he works for isn’t the issue that needs to be addressed here - he feels incredibly rewarded and fulfilled in the work that he does.

This is an issue of self-awareness, self-worth and an inability to set boundaries with his team.

I’ll address self-awareness first.

The reality is that no two people in this world are the same. Everyone has different needs, different wants, different drivers and different belief...

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