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How To Build A High Performing & Highly Profitable Engineering Team

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The Staff Pay Review Process

How would you rate your current pay and performance review process? Clear, structured and easy to follow? Or unclear and ambiguous at best?

Let me tell you, if done right, this process can actually be a powerful tool for building a thriving team culture that drives business growth.

Now that we’re well into the new financial year, pay reviews, performance assessments – they're all on the horizon. But how do you ensure that you not only set proper expectations for remuneration but also encourage a high-performance culture whereby each and every team member is motivated and inspired to progress their career?

First things first, I get it. Many business owners shy away from this process, put it in the “too hard” basket or run a half-baked process due to the money and culture-related aspects involved. However, nailing the performance and pay review process can do wonders for your company's culture. Trust me.

So, let's talk strategy.

One of the most significant...

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Build Your Leadership Team

Are you still doing everything in your business? Are you at a point where you know you could take your business to that next level – if only you could find the time in your weeks to actually focus on business strategy & growth? 

Yes? Then let’s talk about building the leadership team around you to support your businesses growth. 

I get it, you're on this rollercoaster journey as a business owner, building something exciting, putting in the work and aiming for the stars. But let's not lose sight of the bigger picture. Remember why you embarked on this adventure in the first place? It's not just about business success; it's about creating the life you envisioned – quality time with family & friends, creating amazing moments, and the freedom to enjoy it all.

Here's the deal: many of us fall into the trap of being the bottleneck in our businesses. We get so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations that we forget our overall vision. We build the...

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How To Structure Your Company

Today let’s talk about how to set up and shape your company's structure so that it supports & allows you to achieve your growth goals.

First things first, your business DNA is unique. I’ve had plenty of client’s ask me for templates to copy and follow when it comes to their company structure. And while there are plenty of typical company structures to follow, your structure should reflect your own personal vision and goals.

It's not about copying your neighbour’s layout or following what everyone else is doing. Remember, you're the architect of your business, and it should align with your values, dreams, and the impact you want to make.

You're probably wondering, "Where do I even begin?" Well, let's break it down.

Make it Personal: Your business, your rules. For example - you might want to stay deeply involved in the day-to-day delivery of projects or instead focus more on the big picture and where your business is going. It's your call. Your structure...

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Upgrade Your Clients

You’ve got clients. But are they the right clients? Do they fit into the ideal client mould that you have for your team and your business? 

Today I want to talk to you about a really important business strategy and concept – The Client Upgrade. 

Picture this: you've got your niche in the marketplace sorted, and you're winning work from clients within this niche. But have you ever thought about the fact that not all clients in your niche are created equal?

Yep, it's true. There are actually different types of clients within your chosen niche, and once you recognise this, you’ll realise there’s a whole new level to upgrading your clients – even within your chosen niche. 

Let's break it down. Within your niche and the market you play in – there are actually different categories of clients. Think bleeding, slipping, stable, and leading – these aren't just words; they're the different types of clients hanging out in your niche.


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How to Win More Work

Today, let's dive into a topic that's a cornerstone of your business growth: winning more work. 

Fresh off a training with our incredible Boardroom coaching program clients, I want to unpack the process of confidently securing more projects and boosting your project pipeline.

You know that feeling when your business is soaring, projects are flowing in and you feel incredibly confident with your forecast project pipeline – it feels great, right? And then, bam, you hit a quiet spell. It's like feast or famine, and it's something we've all danced with.

Today I want to explore with you a way to make these peaks and troughs a thing of the past – and it starts with having a plan.

Imagine if your business development strategy wasn't just a series of notes you kept in your head, but a well-oiled machine. And as your business grows and gets busier, your BD strategies don't get lost or left behind. That's the magic we explored in our recent Boardroom training, and it's called...

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Remove distractions & Increase productivity

Do you get to the end of each day, not really quite sure what you achieved? Do you feel like you did a whole bunch of ‘stuff’ that were other people's priorities, but spent no time moving things forward and working on your high-priority business actions? 

If your days are similar to the above, then you have a problem with owning your time.

Now wasting time is akin to sleeping on a pile of gold. It is so precious and you can never get it back. 

It is so important that you take ownership of your time. You need to be able to use it wisely to grow and to keep your business moving forward.

When you get interrupted, it takes 20 minutes or more to regain focus. If you allow constant interruptions, such as last-minute requests and meetings, email notifications or messages, etc., your productivity will plummet. You get out of the ‘zone’, and your mind gets burdened with other things at the same time.

A good first step to removing distractions and increasing...

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Boost Team Performance


Team performance is something that is crucial for every company. When your team are able, willing and inspired to go above and beyond on projects, the benefits are immense. 

The work that your staff do is not just about ticking off tasks from their to-do lists. It’s about creating positive client relationships who are happy with the project outcome and keep giving you good quality, repeat work that you can build a solid pipeline with.   

That’s why it’s important to make sure that your team does an outstanding job, every time, on every project instead of just a satisfactory one.

But how?

Give them CONTEXT.

Let me explain. 

When you stop, slow down and take the time to explain the significance of each step in the process of a project, your team member will understand the consequences of either doing the task well or doing it poorly. 

By doing so, you’re actually giving each step in the process (or project) an equal portion of...

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Leverage Your Strengths

When you focus on building a business around you and your strengths – your growth potential is incredible.  


When you do what you are naturally good at & enjoy:

  • It is easier i.e. it doesn’t feel like work.
  • You get better results, simply because you’re confident and you’re good at what you do. 
  • You are much more motivated because you look forward to doing the work & it comes easily to you. 

So as you grow, I want you to focus on building a business around your strengths.

Hold onto and continue doing the high-value activities that you’re good at and come naturally to you. Then make a plan to delegate and get some help with (as soon as you can and revenue allows it) the things that you aren’t good at or don’t come naturally to you


Because the more you stay in and own the areas of the business that you’re really good at and then bring on team that are exceptional in the areas that you’re not -...

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Profit not Revenue

Too many business owners are fixated and focused on revenue and revenue growth – but have no idea what their profit margins are and whether their business is actually making any money or not. 

Revenue growth is great – and is definitely a metric that we measure with our clients. But your profit margins are the lifeblood of your business. 

Your profit margins tell you how your business is performing and whether anything is broken or needs attention. 

If your revenue growth is good – but your profit margins are poor – that’s an indication that your delivery, systems & operations needs work & attention. 

There may be an issue with your team delivering the projects or maybe it’s something as simple as an internal comms issue. 

But without tracking the profitability of your business – you wouldn’t even know that something is wrong. 

In order to maintain a healthy and successful business, you should be...

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Choose Your Clients Wisely

Wouldn’t it be great if you could only work with A-grade clients?

These are the clients that you enjoy working with, that really value your opinion and the work you do and they respect you and your team.

On top of that, they are willing to pay you what you’re worth because they see and get the value you bring to their projects. 

Then, on the other hand you have the clients that you dread working with. 

These are the clients that are difficult, needy, hard to get along with and are constantly asking you to lower your fees on their projects.

Right now, you have an amazing opportunity while the market is buoyant and there is plenty of work on, to make a plan to let go of all your C and D-grade clients. This will allow you to focus on working only with your A-grade clients who are a pleasure to work with and who you want to be working with for many years to come. 

Why would you do this?

For one, A-grade clients are far more likely to keep giving you good...

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